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Geometric Terrarium Kit with Succulent or Cactus - DIY Terrarium Kit - Plant Gift

Geometric Terrarium Kit with Succulent or Cactus - DIY Terrarium Kit - Plant Gift

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Terrariums are unique and fascinating additions to any plant collection.

We have put together the perfect little kit to showcase their beauty. 
This Geometric Terrarium stands out and light-up any space. Perfect as a gift for the home or the office.

BASE Kit includes:

- 1 x Geometric (Pentagon) Glass Terrarium (H:30 x W:17 x L:17cm) ~ Black

- 1 Succulent or 1 cactus (You choose!)

- Potting mix - 250g of our own unique mix made up of soil, coco coir, grit, and perlite.

- Ornamental rocks

- Sand

- Activated Carbon (10g)

- Reindeer moss [Sky Theme]
~ Mix Colours according to availability

- A handy set-up guide


- Base Kit (see above)

- 1 Extra Succulent or Cactus

- Set of 3 Mini Gardening Tools

DELUXE KIT Includes:

- Premium Kit (see above)

- Wood Log Slice (18-20cm diameter)*

*The wood log slice serves as a base for the terrarium and it adds a rustic yet modern vibe. Please note that as a natural process the wood tends to crack while it dries. This will just add more personality to your decor piece.

We will hand pick a beautiful and healthy succulent or cactus in a 5.5cm pot for your terrarium. The type will vary according to availability but we stock a beautiful range as seen in the pictures above. The kit will also be packaged with care so you can get it in perfect condition.

These terrariums are not 100% water tight but this allows air to get into the soil. When watering, place on a tray and allow excess water out.

Succulents and cacti - crave sun, and require less watering

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