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Extendable Coco Coir Moss Pole

Extendable Coco Coir Moss Pole

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The perfect aerial root support for your plants. Check it out on one of our Monstera cheese plants!

** Extension poles are only suitable to be put on top of Base poles as they cannot be pushed into the soil ** Extendable means that you can purchase an extension pole once you have a base pole first.

We have three base sizes available: 60cm, 80cm & 110cm We also offer extensions that will allow you to grow the pole along with your plant! These are 40cm or 60cm in length. Each base pole has roughly 3/4 covered in coconut coir and 1/4 exposed tube at the base.

For the 60cm pole, there will be 45cm of coco coir moss and 15cm of exposed tube. For the 80cm pole, there is 60cm of coco coir moss and 20cm of exposed tube.        For the 110cm pole, there is roughly 85cm coco coir moss with 25cm of exposed tube to be pushed into the soil.

The exposed end is angled to make staking it easier. This has been sanded to smooth the edges. They consist of a hollow plastic pole, wrapped in a healthy layer of coir moss, tied up with strong 3-ply twine. With the poles being plastic, you get the strength of support, without the worry of it rotting away.

EXTENSIONS The 40/60/80cm/100cm extension pieces have a flat connector at the base that will enable you to easily stack the extension onto your base. They cannot be pushed into the soil. The extension piece is easily pushed onto the top of base, creating a securely extended pole. They will also come with instructions on how to secure the connector joint. Glue is not essential to combining the extension piece to the base, but it is advised for a more secure and solid connection. Each connection will have sufficient coir to seamlessly cover the joint, and we will include extra twine so that you can blend both sections together.

Water it regularly to promote root growth and watch those climbing plants take hold with their aerial roots. With a bit of patience, an unruly Monstera deliciosa plant, growing out sideways, can quickly be tamed into a beautiful vertical growing centre piece. A top tip on encouraging stray roots to grip on the pole would be to tie them onto the pole with a bit of excess string and let the plant do the rest. We'll throw a piece in for you! These are handmade items and so each one may vary slightly. Please message us if you need directions on how to install your Coco Coir Pole extension.

NOTE: Free delivery applies for all UK Mainland Locations. Remote Locations (as Scottish Islands and Northern Ireland) will have an extra postage cost. Thanks for your understanding.

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