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Ctenanthe amagris Prayer Plant Baby Plant 6cm Pot

Ctenanthe amagris Prayer Plant Baby Plant 6cm Pot

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Introducing the stunning Ctenanthe 'Amagris', a botanical jewel poised to transform your home with its refined elegance and unique foliage. Elevate your space with the dynamic beauty of this rare Ctenanthe variety, even more enchanting in its compact form, destined to become the focal point of your botanical sanctuary.

About Ctenanthe 'Amagris':
Embark on a journey of botanical fascination with Ctenanthe 'Amagris', renowned for its striking, silver-green leaves adorned with delicate, dark green veining. Each leaf is a testament to nature's artistry, displaying intricate patterns that add an element of sophistication to any space. As your Ctenanthe 'Amagris' grows, its elegant foliage will continue to captivate, making it a cherished centerpiece in your indoor jungle.

Care Instructions:
Nurture your Ctenanthe 'Amagris' with care and attention, providing it with bright, indirect light to encourage healthy growth and vibrant foliage. Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged, and ensure it thrives in a high-humidity environment. With its tropical origins, this resilient plant prefers warm temperatures and can benefit from occasional misting. With proper care, your Ctenanthe 'Amagris' will continue to delight with its dynamic beauty and sophisticated, enchanting hues.
They also make stunning additions to terrariums and shaded garden corners!

Perfect Gift:
Searching for a gift as unique as the recipient? The Ctenanthe 'Amagris' is a thoughtful choice for plant enthusiasts and nature lovers, offering the gift of dynamic beauty and natural sophistication to be admired day after day.

Sustainably Sourced:
We are committed to ethical sourcing and environmental responsibility, ensuring that each Ctenanthe 'Amagris' is responsibly grown and nurtured with care and respect for nature.

Size and Shipping:
Your Ctenanthe 'Amagris' will arrive in a compact 5.5cm nursery pot, carefully packaged and ready to bring a touch of elegance into your home. With proper care and attention, this botanical wonder will grow and flourish, adding a touch of dynamic beauty to your indoor jungle.

Embrace the enchantment with Ctenanthe 'Amagris'.

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