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Calathea makoyana in 6cm pot

Calathea makoyana in 6cm pot

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Calathea makoyana - also known as the Peacock prayer plant - is the perfect addition to any houseplant collection. They have a beautiful, almost iridescent, shine to their stunningly-patterned leaves. They are also very easy to care for and so do great with beginners.

Baby Plant Size:
Each plant comes in its own 5-6cm pot in which they have well established roots. Heights vary from about 15-20cm including the pot.

Care Requirements:
They will do really well in bright, indirect light. Calatheas tend to do well being watered very shortly after their soil dries out.

They are an excellent addition to terrariums and thrive with a bit of extra humidity.

If you would like to repot your new baby plant, we advise waiting for at least a couple of weeks after receiving your plant. They are absolutely fine to be left in the smaller pots.

Other Planty Things:
We stock a beautiful variety of healthy plants. Please check out our store for more!

All plants will be carefully packaged to ensure they arrive in excellent condition.

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