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Asparagus Fern in 6cm pot - Terrarium Plants

Asparagus Fern in 6cm pot - Terrarium Plants

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Asparagus Ferns are beautiful bushy plants that are very easy to care for.

Each plant will come with well established roots in a 5cm nursery pot. Each pot contains many stems so the plant will grow in a bushy form.

Heights can vary from 15-25cm. If you have a certain height in mind, please let us know!

They are easy to trim and maintain - perfect for terrariums.

For growing on, they can grow very tall in the right conditions and make a fantastic statement plant.

These plants like to have moist soil so you should water it first and then wait until it is almost dry but with a slight damp touch in the first couple of cm of soil.

Light - they do well with bright indirect light but can be grown in lower light conditions.

Terrariums - they are amazing plants to grow in terrariums. They are our go to taller, bushier plants to landscape a terrarium with background foliaIndoor & Outdoor Plantsge. They can be included in all of our terrarium kits!

We will only send out healthy plants. Each one will be packaged carefully. In the event you receive a plant in less than good condition, please send pictures as soon as you can.

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