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Air Plant Terrarium Kit - Hanging Glass Ball

Air Plant Terrarium Kit - Hanging Glass Ball

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Care Spray

Air plants are unique and fascinating additions to any plant collection. They really stand out in our small glass terrariums. We have put together the perfect little kit to showcase their beauty.

Per glass terrarium, you will receive:

- 1 x Hanging glass ball terrarium (11-12cm x 10cm)

- 1 x Tillandsia air plant

- Decorative stones - Sand - 2 x mini wood slices - 1 x twine string (~1m) - Terrarium guide with air plant care tips

For each order of multiple terrariums, you will receive this set of items per glass ball. They look incredible in sets!

The height of the glass ball is roughly 11-12cm including the loop. Air plants require bright, indirect light and soaking in water once every 2 weeks. Misting your air plants 1-2 times per week will raise humidity levels and keep your plants healthy.

NOTE: If you go for our Care Kit, you will get a 150ml Air Plant Fertiliser Spray. It contains the perfect mix of nutrients to keep your air plants in top condition. It is recommended to lightly spray your air plant once every 2 weeks. Please note that we stock a variety of Tillandsia air plants and the one you receive may not be the same as in the photos. However, you can be assured that you will receive a beautiful and healthy air plant! We will pack these small air plant terrariums with care so you get them in perfect condition. Check out our other terrariums!

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