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80cm Slim Moss Pole - Climbing Plant Support

80cm Slim Moss Pole - Climbing Plant Support

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Introducing our slim moss pole. The perfect slim support to provide that essential support that will blend effortlessly into your plant.

Each pole is made out of a wooden stem wrapped in a healthy layer of coconut coir. The coconut coir offers a superior coarse structure for aerial roots to attach to and enable climbing plants to reach new heights. An added benefit is that this type of moss pole is very low maintenance!

Dimensions: 80cm Long x 3.5cm Diameter (coir + wood pole)
The coconut coir covers roughly 65cm of the wooden pole, leaving approximately 15cm of the pole to dig into the soil.

Tie climbing plants to the pole with a bit of twine and ensure aerial roots are facing the pole to promote root growth. Then sit back and watch those climbing plants take hold with their aerial roots. With a bit of patience, an unruly Monstera deliciosa plant, can quickly be tamed into a beautiful vertical growing centre piece.

A top tip on encouraging stray roots to grip on the pole would be to tie them onto the pole with a bit of excess string and let the plant do the rest. We'll throw a piece in for you!

Please message us if you need directions on how to install your Coco Coir Pole.

Please note that this particular pole is not extendable. However, please check out our store for more moss pole options that are extendable!

NOTE: Free delivery applies for all UK Mainland Locations. Remote Locations (as Scottish Islands and Northern Ireland) will have an extra postage cost. Thank you for your understanding.
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