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Terrarium Plants in 5-6cm pots - Plant Gift - Fittonia, Calathea - Baby Plants

Terrarium Plants in 5-6cm pots - Plant Gift - Fittonia, Calathea - Baby Plants

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Create your own perfect little biosphere landscape with our special 4 plant bundle! These plants are perfect to start a terrarium project with.

We have a fantastic variety of plants to choose from.

From this set, you will receive a carefully selected set of four plants which are perfect for setting up your own terrarium.

Each plant comes in its own 5-6cm pot in which they have well established roots. Heights vary from about 10-20cm including the pot.

Each set will contain a mix of tall plants and lower growing/ bushier plants 

Some of our Tall Plants:

- Asparagus Fern

- Calathea makoyana (Peacock plant)

- Maranta 

Some of our Lower growing plants:

- Selaginella apoda (Meadow spike moss)

- Fittonia (pale green, pink, red)

- Tradescantia zebrina

- Chlorophytum comosum (a beautiful type spider plant)

- Peperomia caperata (Brazilia and Mendoza)

We stock a beautiful variety of plants as you can see in the pictures. The specific plants you will receive may vary according to availability. They will come each on its individual pot.

Where possible, we will try to tailor orders, so please send us a message. If you place an order without messaging, we will pick out a beautiful surprise selection of plants.

All plants will be carefully packaged to ensure they arrive in excellent condition and ready to plant.

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