About Us

Welcome to 503 Boutique, where our journey begins with the inspiration drawn from El Salvador's country code, 503. We are a dynamic couple, a fusion of Salvadoran and British roots, united by our shared love for plants that adorn every corner of our home. Our mission at 503 Boutique is to craft spaces that radiate joy and warmth, creating an ambiance that makes everyone feel embraced and welcome.

Driven by our passion for plants, we've embarked on a new chapter by establishing 503 Boutique. At the heart of our vision is a commitment to spaces with plants as their core, where every detail is meticulously considered.

Our dedication to detail ensures that each product we offer is not just a piece of decor but a source of joy that will illuminate your interior and/or exterior spaces. From Live Moss Terrariums to Extendable Moss Poles to Air Plants, our diverse range is designed to bring a touch of nature into your life.

As plant enthusiasts, we're ready to elevate your living spaces with our inspired and thoughtfully crafted products. Join us in this botanical adventure, where 503 Boutique becomes a part of your journey to infuse nature's beauty into your surroundings. Explore our unique collection and transform your spaces into vibrant and welcoming havens.